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New to Bollards? 
Read below to discover how bollards are categorized.

Automatic: that raise and lower by remote control. Much like a gate operator they include a control panel with an air pump (pneumatic) or electric motor/ gear box (mechanical).
Semi-Automatic: are pushed down by hand and locked with a key. To raise the bollard, turn the locking key and the bollard will rise without lifting it up.
Manual: are lowered down by hand and locked with a key. To raise the bollard, turn the locking key and lift the bollard by hand and lock it the up position.
Fixed: are not removable and are bolted down to a concrete slab or poured in place with concrete.
Removable: are like a fixed bollard except they can be unlocked, lifted out and carried away.

Plastic: are like a removable bollard they can be unlocked, lifted out or simply carried away.

Stainless Steel & Plastic Bollards- Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual, Removable and Fixed.
automaticsemi automaticremovable fixed manual Movable plastic bollardflexible post plastic bollard
Fully Automatic Pneumatic PoweredSemi Automatic Actuator assistedRemovable in the groundFixed poured
in place
Manual hand lifted RetractablePlastic Post
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Barrier Gates-  Automatic and Manual.
BTSW612BTSW818MB832Vehicle warning signs
BTSW 612 Barrier
6 to 12 ft Arm
BTSW 818 Barrier
8 to18 ft Arm
MB 824 Barrier
8 to 32 ft Arm
Warning Signs   

More about how bollards are used internationally in different applications around traffic and roadways.

barricade gate
Internally illuminated traffic bollards used in the UK.

Rigid posts that can be arranged in a line to close a road or path to vehicles above a certain width and to separate traffic from pedestrians.

pipe bollard

 They can be mounted near enough to each other that they block ordinary cars. For instance, but wide enough to permit special purpose vehicles through. They can also be used to enclose car-free zones. Since they are removable it allows access for service and emergency vehicles.

Tall (1.15 meter/4 foot) slim (10 cm/4 inch) fluorescent red or orange plastic bollards with reflective tape. Also removable heavy rubber bases are frequently used in road traffic control. Traffic cones would be inappropriate due to their width and ease of movement. The bases are usually made from recycled plastic, and can be easily glued to the road surface. To resist movement following minor impacts from passing traffic. Sometimes called "T tops" from the T bar moulded into the top for tying tape, the bollard is an economical, cost effective, and safe delineation system designed especially for motorways and busy arterial roads. The plastic tape is also effective in pedestrian control. This use of "chiefly British", although the term has crept into the jargon of some American universities where dense traffic necessitates the use for access control.

What you should know about Stainless Steel, is it really stainless?

Stainless Steel is a generic name that was used originally to market cutlery and is now used as the name for a wide range of chromium based steels.

Stainless Steel contains iron alloys that have a minimum of 10.5% chromium content. The higher the chromium content the more stain resistant the steel is when forming Chromium Oxide. Other metals are added such as nickel, titanium and copper to improve the stain resistance and increase the strength of the metal.

Since Iron is a component it can still oxidize and show some rusting but not to the same extent that carbon steel will and it can show light corrosion when exposed to the environment.  In structural or mechanical applications it is used for its rust resistant properties. Stainless steel when exposed to the environment will form a passive film of chromium oxide, which prevents further surface corrosion by because the thin layer blocks further oxygen diffusion to the steel and stops corrosion from spreading into the deep portions of the metal. So Stainless steel corrodes on the surface, but it is the corrosion layer of Chromium Oxide that makes it so durable.

Different types Movable and Automatic Bollards with their uses around traffic and roadways.

upswung automatic bollard
A rising traffic bollard.

Are frequently used to direct traffic around a traffic island. A recent development is the "rising bollard"  that can be lowered entirely below the road surface. This enables traffic to pass, or raised to block traffic. They are used to secure sensitive areas from attack. To enforce traffic rules that are time related or restrict access to particular classes of traffic. They are increasingly common around the world to hinder vehicle based terrorist actions, from achieving close proximity to buildings. They are also used to prevent Ram-raiding.

steel bollard
Manually retractable at Battery Park.

A manually retractable variant is lowered by a key mechanism. A retractable is a short post which can be lowered either manually or automatically. They go into the ground when not needed. It is especially useful in a mixed use public space which supports both pedestrian use and emergency and or service vehicle use. This flexible use creates opportunities for vehicular control as well as pedestrian accessibility in a mixed use public space. Manually retractable bollards are appropriate for new projects. Especially for reconstruction projects since they do not require retrofitting into existing landscapes.They don't require any electrical hookups or hydraulic systems. Similar systems that are hinged at ground level, and fold flat allowing vehicles to drive over them. They can be deployed in similar circumstances.

The term "robotic" has been applied to traffic barricades capable of moving themselves into position on a roadway.
Other uses:

Are also used as a form of permanent utility location.

Decorative bollards are placed in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, to enhance the landscape as a form of outdoor public sculpture. Usually they are made of timber, minimally modified from the traditionally cylindrical, wooden, maritime shape, but brightly painted to resemble human figures. Such figures - which may be historical or contemporary, particular or generic. They are sited singly or in clusters along the waterfront and in other areas where people gather. They have become a well-known feature of the city of Geelong and reflect its history as a major Australian port.